DDS Flow

The next three weeks are about to be ca-ra-zy! It's almost the end of the semester which translates to grind time. A couple of my classmates like to refer to this as the #ddsflow - like, "man! it's so nice out whyyy do I have to be stuck in the library?! Oh Well #ddsflow," or " whoa! did u see our final exam schedule?! It's about to go down! Serious #ddsflow." I guess we just figured it's a nifty way of saying we have to study without feeling too stressed about it while still keeping our goal in check. It works.
So, we pretty much have one more regular exam in Physiology (Renal) before we dive neck-deep into the gazillion amount of info accumulated for our 7 classes...7!

Yep, it's going down! Serious #ddsflow


Corve said...

U'll get through it....don't worry..Just put in the work

SeƱor skeete said...

The good thing about it is after these exams you can kiss 1st year dental school goodbye; next!

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