My First Set of Wax-Ups

Just a couple more days before the end of my first semester in Dental School and I must say Occlusion has been one of the more fun, stress free classes. If you recall I had my "Initiation" into Dentistry through this class when I carved my first tooth out of wax. As the semester went on and we learned more and more about each tooth's anatomy and intricate details we had to do a little bit more than just carve teeth. We had to do what is called a wax-up/wax drop.

Waxing up teeth involves wax, a colored marking pencil, a tooth peg, dentoform/typodont, bunsen burner, specialized instruments, knowledge of dental anatomy, a good eye for detail and nylon :) for the sparkle. The actual waxing skills are developed on the way.


 Waxing up is in essence building a tooth from wax. Now this may sound easy but keep in mind that this has to look like an actual tooth and actually be functional, i.e the aim is to reproducibly relate the maxillary (upper) and mandubular (lower) teeth; they must contact each other (not too long, short, thick or thin). This ordeal includes placing and removing wax, making marginal ridges, sealing margins, shaping the tooth, establishing occlusal contacts, and evaluating the final wax-up.

Facial View:
Maxillary Right Central Incisor - #8. Also photographed:
Maxillary Right Canine#6 and Left Canine #11

 Lingual/Palatal View:
Maxillary Right Central #8 and Canine #6

Facial/Buccal View:
Maxillary Right Canine #6. also photographed:
Mandibular Right 2nd Premolar #29 and Mandibular 1st Molar #30

Occlusal View:
Mandibular Right 2nd Premolar #29 and 1st Molar #30

Facial View:
Maxillary Left Canine #11. This is a wax-up of my Final Exam.
  Now if I should say so myself, the pictures do not give these wax-ups justice. They look a lot better in person. Now that this phase of Occlusion is over, I'm looking forward to the next phase which brings more fun and more challenge. Bring it on Second Semester!

**On another note, it's Mental Monday! Go here for today's trivia and to see last week's answer and winner**


Senor T said...

Great job Patrice! I admire the details in your work. Keep up the good work.

Natasha said...

Very exciting! Have I told you I am proud of you? I AM!!!

Francois said...

Nice work Patrice!

Marilyn said...

Marvelous work. From an untrained eye it looks very good. Kudos to you.

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

:) Thanks everyone!

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