100 Things Every College Student Should Know

A couple months ago I had the privilege of reviewing a book from The Skinny On... series called The Skinny On Sucess written by Jim Randall. If you know anything about The Skinny On... books you will know that it gives you the real and raw (the skinny) facts on whatever topics covered, nothing is sugar coated. You may see my review on the book here.
Jim Randall is at it again and has recently compiled a list of 100 things that every college student should know. Consistent with his books, nothing is sugar coated. The list consists of things we all should know to get through college successfully and at the same time incorporates lessons that will transcend into the real world thereafter. The list is lengthy but I suggest you run through it, it may be really beneficial (may take several visits).


No. 88 - The Most Critical Beats

Do NOT Read The Fine Print
As a young person, I wanted to become a magician. So I read books on card tricks and practiced them on everyone I could.
More important than learning the mechanics, however, was learning how people think. As a magician, you need to be conscious of how people react to your actions. You might have to change your presentation to mesh with what they're thinking.
This led to my understanding a technique that has been critical to my business successes:
Learn to add a 2-3 second beat between when you think something and when you actually say it.
So many people just talk and talk. They have a point to make and want to get it out as quickly as possible.
In some cases, that approach works. But in many situations, by listening to yourself for just two to three seconds before you let your comments free, you maintain flexibility. You're able to change direction as necessary.
Not all approaches work for all people. The key to successfully persuade someone to your point of view is to tailor your approach as much as possible to that person's needs, desires, emotions, mood and energy. Pay close attention to the other person and think through the impact of your statements before you actually make them.
Just a two-second beat between thought and speech can be the difference between success and failure!
"Never forget to put your brain in gear before you put your mouth in motion." - Anonymous
Visit The Skinny On blog here for 100 Things Every College Student Should Know

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annie said...

although i am not a young person anymore, the critical beat is definitely a good reminder to me, thanks.

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