Out with the old, In with the new! (Part 1)

It's hard for me to fathom how people are still afraid of the dentist! I mean, I understand why you would be say, a couple years ago; but look how far it has come.
Did you know that Dentistry dates all the way back to 7000BC? This was the time when individuals believed that a "tooth worm" was the cause of cavities (ha!) However, Dentistry wasn't a profession in itself yet. Later, about the 19th century, you could stop by your local Barber Shop to get a tooth extracted! Yep! Barbers use to be take on the role of dentists (yikes!). Dentistry has come a very long way and has advanced so much over the years. Just take a look at these instruments from back then:

 < Picture taken at The Old Red Museum in Dallas, TX>
Yeah, scared me too!

Almost unfathomable how they'd use these huh? The design of the instruments themselves have remained the same but are now simply more advanced and more approachable. Like these:

< Shiny and all, makes you wanna extract a tooth! no?>

Now, in an effort for me to really understand - tell me, why are you still afraid of the dentist?


annie said...

I have a good dentist with me because he give me confident and keep telling me what is the up coming process. What is the sound I've heard creating from the tools he used. And what I am going to feel, a tiny pressure of pain. With all these, I am not so afraid of dentist now. So lucky.
And I am looking to learn more from your post, too. I am sure one day I can reduce the fear to 1%.

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

I hope you reduce it to 0%!! lol

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