Snagged an Interview? Be ready for the Qs

The key to getting through the interview is to be confident and answer questions intelligibly. Typically, interviews are conducted one-on-one. It is also typical to have two interviewers. In some instances, although very rare, you may have a group interview. This only happens when interview sessions have been overbooked. In this case it is important to bring your A game and shine!

Ten (10) Common Interview Questions:

1. Why a career in Dentistry?
2. Why have you chosen our school to pursue your career
3. Tell us about yourself, include your strengths and weaknesses
4. What personal challenge has given you motivation to succeed and how did you overcome that challenge?
5. What have you done to prepare yourself for the rigors of dental school?
6. Describe your study habits
7. What have you done to develop manual dexterity?
8. How do you feel about cheating? If you knew someone was cheating in your class, what would you do?
9. Of all the other qualified candidates, why should we choose you?
10. What will you do if you are not accepted to Dental School?

Use these questions to quiz yourself. Answer the questions truthfully and with confidence. Good Luck!


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