Months before you start

It's February, and I'm already thinking of how I can prepare for the rigorous curriculum of Dental School come August. Despite the many advices to RELAX for my "free" couple of months before DS, I can't help but trying to get a head start. I suppose it's natural to feel that way? hmm...
Most Dental Schools have a similar or identical curriculum. First year usually consists of Biochemistry, Gross Anatomy, Physiology, Radiology, Microbiology, Occlusion, Histology, Embryology (phew!!), to name a few. With all this stuff that I will need to squeeze inside my cerebrum, why not start making space for them now? I might even get some chuckles for this, arched eyebrows or even some eye rolling. For some, trying to get a head start on some of these might prove to be an exercise in futility - which is okay! but for others, it might be beneficial. Starting early will slightly prepare you for the first couple months, okay maybe weeks of school. You will be familiar with some of the terminologies used so that you don't sit in class, looking around clueless.
Yes, the months before starting school can be quite hectic. For some, it might mean a new city, or a new state. If this is the case you will have to do some research on the places you would like to live, keeping in mind proximity to school, cost, the neighborhood, etc. THEN you will need to set aside time to travel to that new place to go apartment hunting. Of course, there is the pressure of coming up with a quadrillion dollars to pay for attending the school. Whichever route you take, scholarships, loans, fellowships, the military, out of pocket (do people actually do that??) it is stressful! and as if that is not enough, the school has it's own requirements that has to be completed by a certain time.
However, no matter how stressful pre-dental school gets, it is still very exciting! It's exciting to start a new chapter in your life, it's exciting knowing you are only a few more steps away from accomplishing your goals. It's exciting to move to a new place, exciting to meet new people - the people who will become family over the next four years. Excited for those sleepless nights; burning the mid night oil to make sure that you make the grade to stay in and see your way through DS. It is all exciting! and I can't wait to start!

How about you? what is your pre-dental school game plan? are you as excited as I am?


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