Is Dentistry Right for You?

Dentistry is the health profession dealing with the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and injuries involving the teeth, oral cavity, maxillofacial area and any other related area and its effects on the body. There is a common misconception that the job of a dentist is to simply fill and clean teeth. This is untrue. The job of a dentist extends way beyond such tasks and involves even more tedious tasks such as performing root canal treatments, extraction of teeth, creating crowns and bridges, placing implants, constructing dentures, treating gum diseases, screening for oral cancers, to name a few. Of course, the scope of tasks extend even further once one chooses to specialize (Click here to see specialties of Dentistry).

Dentistry is a dynamic and rewarding career allowing for the improvement of one's overall health, well-being and appearance. This career makes a fruitful marriage of art and science and affords one a balanced lifestyle. For one to be a dentist, one must possess excellent hand-eye coordination, paramount manual dexterity, a love for people and a dedication to service. Well developed manual dexterity is of paramount importance to the dentist as he/she has to work in the small confines of the oral cavity.
The average dental salary range comes in around  $147,000 per annum, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, this figure changes with different areas of specialization.

Dentistry is a very rewarding career. If you love working with people, dedicated to service and have a love for science and art and want a  career that will afford a balanced lifestyle, then perhaps Dentistry is right for you. 

For more help in figuring out if Dentistry is right for you, visit the American Dental Association (ADA)


Anonymous said...

People appreciate theor dentist more than most other doctors, because the dentist can get them out of pain quickly, and people care how their teeth look, but they'll live with a cold for weeks at a time and not even go to a doctor.


Dr. Patrice Smith said...

There might be aspects that are true about what you have said Secretia, but, I believe most people fear going to the dentist. Most people are more concerned with other aspects of their health as they are unaware that the mouth is very much involved with the overall health. Many people will not enter a dentist's office unless they are in pain...

Robin said...

Oh yeah and that is true for me..Im a dentist fearer..but i know that the amount of plaque on you teeth is in direct correlation to arteriosclerosis..hows that for some knowledge...I floss a couple times a day and brush as well..duh..and I hope to prevent all of that stuff that happens to teeth...and to steer clear of dentists..I know this is bad..Im just saying..LOL

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Ok I have to be honest dentists scare me.

cookinglady said...

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