Pre-requisite Confusion?

In one's quest to pursue Dentistry, there are a set of requisite courses which you have to secure in order to apply or be matriculated into Dental School.
Why are there prerequisites anyway? Simple, prerequisite courses serve to insure that all accepted students have the fundamental knowledge to successfully complete the advanced courses of the dental curriculum.  Different schools may require different courses but for the most part there are a set that all schools typically require. These courses include:

1. Biology with labs (1 year)
2. Inorganic Chemistry with labs (1 year)
3. Organic Chemistry with labs (1-2 semesters)
4. Physics with labs (1 year)
5. Calculus (1-2 semesters)
6. English and or Writing (1 year)

Strongly suggested coursework usually include Sculpting, Basic Business (any), Biochemistry, Microbiology and Physiology.
The above courses are "suggested" courses and will not affect admissions decisions if not taken. However, they will be pretty helpful once you get in to Dental School.

Visit individual Dental School websites for particulars on requisite courses.


Anonymous said...

They should have such prerequisites for some jobs too. It's amazing how many unqualified people have important jobs out there.


Dr. Patrice Smith said...

lol I know exactly what u mean! It's quite unfortunate

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