Graduation and Board Certification 🎓✅

The last time I wrote, I mentioned that I was on the home stretch of preparing for and sitting the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) written examination <-- this is the exam taken as part of the process to becoming a board certified Orthodontist. I am very pleased to announce that all my hard work and studying paid off. I passed!!!

I have taken many standardized exams in my time but this one was by far the one I was most nervous about. When the email popped in my inbox I remember being overcome by a flood of emotions; my heart felt like it would literally bust through my chest, my palms got sweaty and I could barely breathe lol! My co-resident had to open the email for me and deliver the good news, phew!! 

I've also since graduated!! 🎓🎓and I had the great fortune of sitting exactly 5 rows away from President Barack Obama, as he delivered our commencement speech.

Graduation Day! Ticket in-hand eagerly awaiting the arrival
of President Barack Obama

Howard University 2016 Commencement Speech (in case you missed it)

This was a historic day and I will never ever forget it. His speech was very inspiring 
and a strong reminder that your Passion must be matched with Strategy.

I was this close to the President

Howard University Orthodontics, class of 2016!

From job/contract negotiations, apartment hunting, board exams, several research presentations, graduation and lots of other residency related things and... just life in general, the last couple weeks has been nothing shy of eventful and amazing (stressful too, at times). The only thing missing is the icing on the cake - my certificate to solidify my new title as Orthodontist. Stay tuned.


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