Trash in my Scrub Pockets, Prostho and Some Exciting News!

Do you also go home with a bunch of stuff in your scrub pocket from clinic or lab? Everyday I go home and empty my pockets I pull out random stuff like radiographs that were probably non-diagnostic, unused gloves, head bonnets, disposable bib clips/tape, dentoform teeth, sticks of wax, etc. Then they get placed all around my apartment. It's seriously a horrible habit. Am I the only one who does this?

Films in my candle holders

Disposable bib tape on my tv stand

In other news, I am trying to change my attitude towards removable prosthodontics. I honestly detest making dentures and all the lab work that comes with it. So, in trying appreciate it more, I'm excited to start setting teeth for a complete denture I'm currently working on!!


Remember I mentioned that I presented my research poster for a competition in the Nation's Capital Dental Meeting the other day? In very exciting news, I am pleased to announce that I was the first place winner for the competition! 


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