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I've had so many friends who just can't decide what to do after dental school. Deciding whether or not to specialize, open your own practice or simply join someone's practice is not necessarily easy.  We're always looking at the time it takes to complete residency programs, the hassle of trying to find a job fresh out of  Dental School and the headache of getting a business started.
Say you decide to work for someone as an associate straight out of school, what if there was a way to eliminate the stress of finding a job? What if you're a dentist that own your own practice but have problems finding qualified employees? What if all you had to do was fill out a profile, upload your resume' and just wait to be matched to listings of job openings or of qualified employees?  Say you're not in that position right now but know someone who might be - what if you could get $1000 just for referring that person?! has a job hub that takes the hassle and toothache out of the post-dental school job/employee hunt. It is a national online hub for dental professionals that connects dental offices and dental professionals with one another! It is open to everyone in the dental field whether dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, office managers or front desk staff. How cool is that?!  and check this, the website was created by a dentist! So it definitely fulfills the needs of both the dentist looking for a qualified employee and the dentist looking for a job.
The website just launched their Refer-a Dental-Professional campaign which will run until September 30, 2011. As the name suggests, all you have to do is refer a dental professional to the website and be entered to win $1000. When the drawing occurs the winner will be notified via email.

So if you know someone, refer them! You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Just imagine what difference $1000 can make, especially with our unstable economy. To refer someone visit the referral page of here. To get more information on the campaign visit the campaign page here.

You can also find on Facebook and Twitter.


Liz said...

This will come in handy in the future

Unknown said...

Precisely data i had been hunting for. Effectively put as well.
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