Since I'm Up Studying...

First lecture exam of the summer in a couple hours and can I tell you, I have no motivation to study. It's summer daggone-it! Can I get a break around here?
The exam will be on Class I,II,III,IV and V amalgam preparations, Class III, IV and V composite preparations and liners & bases. It's pretty much a test to see if we understand the theory behind all the work we've been doing in the Sim lab: retention form, resistance form, convenience form, convergence, divergence, pulpal floor depth, cavosurface line angles, axio-pulpal line angles, etc.

Here are examples of what I'm talking about:

Class I (OL)

Involves Pits and fissures of posterior teeth, like the one pictured.
Also involves lingual pits of maxillary anterior teeth and Occlusal 2/3rd ( Buccal/Lingual) of Posterior teeth.
Class II (MO)

Involves Proximal surfaces of Posterior teeth
Class III

Involves proximal surfaces of incisors and cuspids, does not involve the incisal edge
Class IV
Like Class III but it involves the Incisal edge. Look closely, u can
 see where the restoration differs from the actual tooth
Class V

Involves the gingival third (Facial /Lingual) of all teeth.

...and that's all I have time for. Wish me luck!


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