The Less Stressful

Once in a while, maybe once per week or so Dental School offers a moment where you can exhale a little - aaah! The less stressful stuff:

Remember this from last semester?
We had to do it again, but this time it was for casting a gold crown. After going through a series of different steps we finally arrived at the final product. Came out a little rough but eh, it was trial #1.

Gold crown with sprue attached (part she's holding)

We took a couple impressions

 Poured the model up in Plaster, and stone (not pictured)
Red & Blue lines for making Custom Tray

Made a custom Tray

 Played around with different impression materials

Made a Temporary Crown
Temp. on maxillary right Central Incisor (#8) first composite restoration! 

MO composite restoration on #30 

All this courtesy of our Dental Materials course - the lab portion



SeƱor T said...

Great job Patrice

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