The Run-In

Monday marked the Official day I started taking my fitness regimen seriously. I ran 2.whole.miles - non-stop. I can't believe I survived to write this post! You don't know how much will power that took - when your knees start to buckle, your muscles start to spasm screaming bloody murder!, your lungs decide to tighten in an effort to suffocate you, and your heart forms a fist and start to pound as if to punch a hole through your chest. It's grueling, you have no idea! (or do you?).
That run taught me a really good lesson, especially towards the end. Besides showing me how out of shape I am, it also taught me that no matter how difficult or impossible something may seem, no matter how many adversities lie before you; with will-power, perseverance and determination you can certainly do it (not that I didn't know that before, theoretically). Upon that last leg of my run, I'd sworn I'd have passed out, I swore I felt my muscles give up on me and I think I heard my lungs holler "to hell with this sh***! The last leg is always the most difficult and it's at that time that you prove your strength and soldier on. Never mind that now my legs feel like rubber, my right knee feels like something's missing from it and my chest feels like I'd been diagnosed with angina. The fact is, I completed a goal that at first was very difficult for me, and you know what? I'm pretty darn proud of myself =).
It's funny the feeling you get after you've accomplished something major, like you're invincible! With that said - next on the list: hard rock abs!


Anonymous said...

hahah hilarious!
I like the turn this site has taken. It's not stiff! That's always fun.

You just made a 2 mile run sound like suicide. Genius! lol

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

haha it sure felt like it!! Practice is what it'll take.

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