That Time of Year

It's that time of year again! Yep, application season! and time for the almighty DAT...
This time of year always proves to be a stressful time for most Pre-Dents. From studying for the DATs, making sure to get those LORs, writing that personal statement, requesting those transcripts, filling out the AADSAS application, and OH! *gulp, actually sitting the Dental Admission Test (DAT). It all seems soo much! right?     ------   Actually, it doesn't have to be.
The 2011 application cycle opens on June 3rd 2010. The aim of the game is to get all your required documents in on-time and with that I mean early (emphasis placed here). Don't get bogged down and stressed about the number of things to be done - Just do it, and relax.
Here, let me give you a hand:
  • Don't get yourself worked up because you may not have done so well in a particular semester, or year - Remember GPA Isn't Everything and it's not just the grades that matter, but your overall package.
  • Speaking of overall package, are you well-rounded? Ensure you gain some form of experience in the field of Dentistry and that you are involved in some way in your community, in extra curricular activities and the like.
  • Your personal statement is well, personal. It answers the basic questions: Who are you? Why Dentistry? and where do you see yourself in the future? It doesn't have to be anything spectacular. Just ensure that it flows and holds interest.  Have family members read it over, a friend and of course, your pre-health profession advisor.
  • LORs are important! They give the admissions committee a visual of you through someone else's eye - someone who supposedly knows you well. It's their chance to make an impression for you - choose who write them wisely.
  • Ah, The DATs...Biggest mistake we make in preparation of this test is, we overestimate it - or underestimate. See, the DATs fall somewhere between the two. For your prep., ensure you are well equipped with the right study materials, and follow these tips on how to go about studying for it. On test day RELAX! Get a good score, and keep it moving...
  • Choose schools based on your credentials. It is okay to choose your "dream" school - u may get lucky, but be sure to always choose a "safe" school  as well- a school that you know you're probably guaranteed to get into based on your credentials, and a few others in between.
  • Submit your application (early) and wait. Wait for the interviews, wait for the acceptances; and the rest is history...
Aaah! Not so bad eh? See? Relax.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Patrice. Will be contacting you through email.

Camille Knox said...

Yep, that time of year it is. Thanks for the links throughout this post, helps to put it all in perspective.
I've filled myapplication out, ready to e-submit. However, i'll be taking the DATs in mid-July. Just to make sure, I can submit without the scores right?

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