Spring Break Woes

As Dental Students, we spend most of our time in the classroom and in the lab, and when we're out, we're studying - the cycle seems almost endless...until it's Spring Break.
Spring Break for many is viewed as a time to unwind, a time to relax, go out and have fun, even travel! Spring Break is all about relaxation, yes? No, not necessarily.
Many people make the mistake of getting lost in this carefree period. Yes, it's a time to unwind, but it should also be used as a time to prepare yourself for the last leg of the semester. If you find that the first half of the semester didn't go so well, maybe Spring Break is a good time to catch up or it may be a time to get ahead. All these are good whilst taking a breather from the classroom routine.

So before you fly off to Cancun to enjoy some fun in the sun, remember spring break, while it should be used to relax,  is also an important time to revamp, catch up and to get ahead to make a difference in the final leg of the semester.

Make those grades! and enjoy...


bananas. said...

you're such a good student. so motivating and inspiring...

when i was in school, spring break meant one thing...FREEDOM!!! MEXICO!!! LOTS AND LOTS OF ALCOHOL!!!

ok...so that was more than one thing.

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

lol oh Myra, sure! when in undergrad. But Grad school, esp. professional grad school is MUCH MUCH different lol

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