You've got Mail!

So it's a couple months after you've applied and you're on edge because, of course, you want to get accepted to your top school. Suddenly everyone around you is getting letters in the mail. Some good, some not so good; accepted - Yesss!!!, waitlisted - crapp!!, rejected - SHIT!!! and then you get really nervous because you don't know where you stand. So everyday you check your mailbox in hopes of getting a letter from someone, anyone. A couple weeks go by and still, nothing. What is going on?? So your next step is to phone the schools and ask them what's up with your application only for them to tell you to be patient as it is still under review. So you wait. Until one day, you've finally got a letter. You're excited, nervous. It's from your top school, did I get in? You slowly and cautiously open the seal of the envelope, close your eyes and cross your fingers. Count to five and slowly open one eye, then the other...
Different schools have different ways of how they phrase your..."fate." So you browse the page and look for those fateful words. It sucks how some schools take you on a high before slamming you to the ground! so you finally get to the line, and it reads, " We are pleased to have had so may qualified applicants this cycle" your heart starts to pound, could it be, could it be, oh my god, ..."there were many strong points noted on your application" Holy crap I think I'm in! "...However," Uh oh ..."due to the high volume of applicants and the low number of seats available at our institution" oh, please please please don't say no... "we regret that you were not awarded a spot in our school this cycle" !!!
You take a moment for it all to sink in. You put the letter away and try to cheer yourself up because hey, this is only ONE of the quadrillion schools you've applied to. So over the next couple weeks the letters keep rolling in. A few more "Craps!!"
What should you do if none of the schools that you've applied to accepts you? This is the dilemma that no student wants to be in. The reality is only a small percentage actually get in each year. However, if your goal of becoming a dentist is really your first love, do not hesitate to reapply.Do not allow your rejections to overwhelm you for too long. Remember, every drawback is a set-up for a comeback (author unknown).


Anonymous said...

I can attest to what you're speaking about Patrice. I was rejected from Columbia University.It was my top school, and I was heartbroken. One thing I knew was that I couldn't allow a rejection letter to stop me from achieving my goal. I got into UPenn, which to me was good enough

Anonymous said...

Each rejection or 'setback' experienced along the road to gaining admission to dental school will make walking across the stage (whenever it happens and yes, it IS going to happen) that much sweeter :) the thing that i had at one point gotten caught up with was trying to rush things or force the process. as you said, if it is something that you truly love and are passionate about then you will not allow anything to get in your way. great post!

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

Very true Shannon. I too can attest to that. We always want things to happen NOW. This is, of course, not always the case. Some times we have to be patient - and when your time comes around, it's even better because now you would have learned to appreciate it more.

joeandbridge said...

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