Dental Admission Test (DAT)

The DAT is a standardized examination that all (U.S and Canadian) students wishing to apply into dental school have to sit. The test is designed to measure your general academic ability, your comprehension of scientific data and your perceptual ability. 

You should consider sitting the exam at least 1 year or a couple months before applying to dental school. That way, you can apply to those schools that best matches your scores (and overall performance).

The Dental Admissions Test has four sections:
1. Natural Sciences - Biology (40 items), General Chemistry (30 items) and Organic Chemistry (30 items)
2. Perceptual Ability - Two and three dimensional problem solving.
3. Reading Comprehension - Dental and basic sciences reading passages.
4. Quantitative Reasoning - 40 items including algebra, trigonometry, numerical calculations, etc.

Click here for DAT study and test preparation materials.
To read more about the DAT or to apply to sit the exam, visit the (ADA) American Dental Association website.


Anonymous said...

You are really out to help dental students, I am impressed.

If I could get on your other blog, I'd be there too.


Dr. Patrice Smith said...

Thanks Secretia! Helping Dental students is the aim :)
I'm not quite sure why you can't access my other blog. It's quite odd.

Senor T said...

Patrice, I would recommend your blog to pre-dent college advisers. In the little time that ive been following your blog, i've learned a lot.
Keep your posts coming.

Dr. Patrice Smith said...

Senor T, thank you. Please do pass this blog along :)

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